David Niven

David Niven

Born Mar 1, 1910
  • Actor, Novelist, Television Producer
James David Graham Niven was an English actor and novelist who was popular both in Europe and the US. He may be best known for his roles as Squadron Leader Peter Carter in A Matter of Life and Death, as Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days and as Sir Charles Lytton, a.k.a. "the Phantom", in T...

David Niven Stats


: James David Graham Niven, David Nivens, Niv


: Actor, Novelist, Television Producer


: 6 ft (1.83 m)


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: England

Date of Birth

: Mar 1, 1910 - Jul 29, 1983 (73 years old)

Place of Birth

: London

Date of Death

: Jul 29, 1983

Place of Death

: Château-d'Œx

Cause of Death

: Motor neuron disease

David Niven Film Roles

  1. A Matter of Life and Death
  2. Around the World in 80 Days
  3. Carrington V.C.
    Carrington V.C.
  4. Curse of the Pink Panther
    Sir Charles Litton
  5. Eye of the Devil
    Eye of the Devil
  6. Murder by Death
    Dick Charleston
  7. The Bishop's Wife
    The Bishop's Wife
  8. The Elusive Pimpernel
    The Elusive Pimpernel
  9. The First of the Few
  10. The Pink Panther
    Sir Charles Litton
    The Pink Panther

David Niven Film Appearances

  1. Light's Diamond Jubilee
  2. Bonds Are Forever

David Niven TV Starring Roles

  1. Four Star Playhouse
  2. The Rogues
  3. The David Niven Show
  4. Alcoa Theatre

David Niven TV Guest Roles

  1. Not a Chance
  2. David Niven Show
  3. The Sheffield Story
  4. David Niven, Ted Mack, Lauritz Melchior
  5. The 30th Annual Academy Awards
  6. The 38th Annual Academy Awards
  7. The 46th Annual Academy Awards
  8. The Trench Coat
  9. Who Killed Billy Jo?
  10. Village of Fear

David Niven Books

  1. The Moon's a Balloon
  2. Go slowly, come back quickly
  3. The moon's a balloon
  4. Bring on the empty horses