Daryl Coley

Daryl Coley

Born 1955
  • Singer, Pastor, Music Director
Daryl Coley is an American singer.

Daryl Coley Stats


: Coley, Daryl


: Singer, Pastor, Music Director


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: 1955

Place of Birth

: Berkeley

Daryl Coley Film Roles

  1. Donald Lawrence Presents the Tri-City Singers: The Grand Finale: Encourage Yourself
  2. Gospel Comes A-Live!
  3. Gospel Greats Presents: Praise & Worship Live: Vol. 1
  4. Shout! In the Spirit
  5. Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers: Bible Stories

Daryl Coley Albums

  1. Compositions - A Decade of Song
  2. In My Dreams
  3. Live in Oakland: Home Again
  4. Live: Beyond the Veil
  5. The Collection
  6. When The Music Stops
  7. Oh, The Lamb
  8. Beyond the Veil: Live at the Bobby Jones Gospel Explosion XIII
  9. I'll Be with You
  10. Just Daryl