Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace

Born Nov 16, 1976
  • Journalist, Presenter, Comedian, Writer, Screenwriter, Author
Daniel Frederick "Danny" Wallace is a British filmmaker, comedian, writer, actor, and presenter of radio and television. His notable works include the books Join Me, Yes Man, voice acting as the narrator for Thomas Was Alone and as Shaun Hastings for the Assassin's Creed game series, as well as the ...

Danny Wallace Stats


: Daniel Frederick Wallace, Danny


: Journalist, Presenter, Comedian, Writer, Screenwriter, Author


: Caucasian race


: United Kingdom

Date of Birth

: Nov 16, 1976 (41 years old)

Place of Birth

: Dundee

Danny Wallace Film Roles

  1. Yes Man
    Man in Bar

Danny Wallace TV Starring Roles

  1. How to Start Your Own Country
    How to Start Your Own Country
  2. Big Brother's Big Quiz
  3. School's Out
  4. Castaway 2000
    Castaway 2000
  5. The Dave Gorman Collection
  6. The National Television Awards Backstage Live
  7. Awkward Situations for Men
  8. World Shut Your Mouth
  9. Conspiracies

Danny Wallace TV Guest Roles

  1. Chris Hoy, Ronni Ancona, Danny Wallace, Gabby Logan
  2. Series 6, Show 5
  3. Series 9, Episode 15
  4. Series 12, Show 216
  5. Calamity Jen
    Cultural Advisor
  6. Sally Lindsay, Danny Wallace, Jo Joyner and Marshall Lancaster
  7. Episode 4

Danny Wallace TV Appearances

  1. Castaway 2007
  2. School's Out

Danny Wallace Books

  1. Are You Dave Gorman?
  2. Yes Man
  3. Join Me
  4. Yes Man
  5. Danny Wallace and the Centre of the Universe