Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis

Born Nov 26, 1945
  • Actor, Comedian
Daniel Davis is an American stage, screen, and television actor known for portraying Niles the butler on the popular sitcom The Nanny, and for his two guest appearances as Professor Moriarty on Star Trek: The Next Generation, affecting an upper class English accent for both roles. He also voices the...

Daniel Davis Stats


: Danny Davis


: Actor, Comedian


: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Nov 26, 1945 (73 years old)

Place of Birth

: Gurdon

Daniel Davis Film Roles

  1. The Hunt for Red October
    Captain Davenport
    The Hunt for Red October
  2. Thru the Moebius Strip
  3. Glen or Glenda
  4. Havana
    Marion Chigwell
  5. The Prestige
    The Prestige
  6. K-9
  7. George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation
    Patrick Henry
  8. The Miraculous Year
  9. What Price Victory
  10. She Stood Alone
    Parker Elsworth
    She Stood Alone

Daniel Davis TV Starring Roles

  1. The Nanny
    The Nanny
  2. Texas

Daniel Davis TV Guest Roles

  1. Rooms With a View (2)
    Dr. Shafer
  2. Fran Drescher
    Fran Drescher
  3. The Nanny
    The Nanny
  4. Smoke Gets in Your Lies
  5. Lady Luck
    Arthur Cole
  6. All the World's a Stage
    Tony Martinet
  7. Elementary, Dear Data
  8. Video Games
    Eddie Mason
  9. Halloween Knights
    Nicholas Helman
  10. The Peterson Principle
    Mr. Reinhardt
    The Peterson Principle