Craig Anton

Born Aug 28, 1962
  • Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor, Professor, Screenwriter
Craig Ward Anton is an American actor and comedian. Anton is most notable for being one of the original cast of comedians on sketch comedy television series MADtv and for his role as Lloyd Diffy on the television series Phil of the Future.

Craig Anton Stats


: Craig Ward Anton


: Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor, Professor, Screenwriter


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Aug 28, 1962 (56 years old)

Place of Birth

: Omaha

Craig Anton Film Roles

  1. Careless
  2. Nic and Tristan Go Mega Dega
  3. The Mother of Invention
    James Gilmore
    The Mother of Invention
  4. D-War
    Dr. Austin
  5. Deliver Us from Eva
    Theo Wilson
  6. Santa Buddies
    Santa Buddies

Craig Anton TV Starring Roles

  1. First Time Out
  2. Tom Goes to the Mayor
  3. Phil of the Future
    Lloyd Diffy
  4. Random Play

Craig Anton TV Guest Roles

  1. Lizzie and Kate's Big Adventure
    Mr. Pettus
    Lizzie and Kate's Big Adventure
  2. Bad Seed
    Sheldon Parks
  3. Nine One One
    Roger Clayton
  4. Beloved Aunt
  5. Valentine's Day
  6. Package Deal
  7. Word Salad Days
    Ray Richardson
  8. Awed Couple
  9. Jack of All Trades
    Jack of All Trades
  10. When Moms Attack
    When Moms Attack