Clarence Carter

Born Jan 14, 1936
  • Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Musician
Clarence George Carter is an American blues and soul singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. His most successful records included "Slip Away", "Back Door Santa", "Patches", and "Strokin'".

Clarence Carter Stats


: Clarence George Carter


: Singer-songwriter, Record producer, Musician


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Jan 14, 1936 (83 years old)

Place of Birth

: Montgomery

Clarence Carter Film Roles

  1. Strokin'
  2. Another Day in Paradise

Clarence Carter Film Appearances

  1. Muscle Shoals
    Muscle Shoals

Clarence Carter TV Guest Roles

  1. Clarence Carter
  2. Host: Jose Feliciano
  3. Friends of Distinction/ Clarence Carter

Clarence Carter Albums

  1. Messin' With My Mind
  2. The Best of Clarence Carter: The Dr.'s Greatest Prescriptions
  3. Snatching It Back: The Best of Clarence Carter
  4. Live With the Dr.
  5. I Couldn't Refuse
  6. Strokin' / Still Strokin
  7. Testifyin' / This Is Clarence Carter
  8. The Best of Clarence Carter
  9. Dr. C.C.
  10. Patches