Christian Olde Wolbers

Born Aug 5, 1973
  • Guitarist, Record producer
Christian Olde Wolbers is the guitarist of the metal band Arkaea. He is the former bassist and guitarist of the industrial metal band Fear Factory, and is now in Beowülf.

Christian Olde Wolbers Stats


: C. Olde Wolbers


: Guitarist, Record producer

Date of Birth

: Aug 5, 1973 (45 years old)

Place of Birth

: Antwerp

Christian Olde Wolbers Musical Groups

  1. Fear Factory
    Bass guitar
    Fear Factory
  2. Edge Crusher & Deville
  3. Arkaea
  4. Fear Factory
    Fear Factory
  5. Fear Factory
    Fear Factory
  6. Fear Factory
    Fear Factory
  7. Beowülf
  8. Arkaea
  9. Kush