Gaspar Henaine

Born Jan 6, 1926
  • Comedian
Gaspar Henaine Pérez, more commonly known by his pseudonym Capulina, was a Mexican comedian, actor, singer, film producer, and screenwriter best known for partnering with Marco Antonio Campos as the double act Viruta and Capulina. They achieved success in film, television, comic books, and the stag...

Gaspar Henaine Stats


: Comedian


: Lebanese immigration to Mexico

Date of Birth

: Jan 6, 1926 - Sep 30, 2011 (85 years old)

Place of Birth

: Puebla

Date of Death

: 2011-09-30

Place of Death

: Mexico City

Gaspar Henaine Film Roles

  1. Capulina Speedy Gonzalez
    Capulina Espiridion González
  2. Se los chupó la bruja
  3. Capulina vs. Las Momias
  4. Capulina Chisme Caliente
    Capulina Chisme Caliente
  5. A sablazo limpio