Beverly Garland

Beverly Garland

Born Oct 17, 1926
  • Actor, Businessperson
Beverly Garland was an American film and television actress, businesswoman, and hotel owner. Garland gained prominence for her role as Fred MacMurray's second wife, Barbara Harper Douglas, in the 1960s sitcom My Three Sons,a role which she played from 1969 until the series ended in 1972 and for whic...

Beverly Garland Stats


: Beverly Lucy Fessenden, Beverly Campbell, Berverly Garland


: Actor, Businessperson


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Oct 17, 1926 - Dec 5, 2008 (82 years old)

Place of Birth

: Santa Cruz

Date of Death

: Dec 5, 2008

Place of Death

: Hollywood Hills

Beverly Garland Film Roles

  1. It Conquered the World
    It Conquered the World
  2. Not of This Earth
    Not of This Earth
  3. Gunslinger
  4. Swamp Women
  5. Pretty Poison
    Mrs. Stepanek
  6. The Alligator People
  7. D.O.A.
  8. The Neanderthal Man
    Nola Mason
  9. Roller Boogie
  10. The Joker Is Wild

Beverly Garland TV Starring Roles

  1. Scarecrow and Mrs. King
    Dotty West
  2. Decoy
    Casey Jones
  3. The Bing Crosby Show
    Ellie Collins
  4. Mama Rosa
  5. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
  6. My Three Sons

Beverly Garland TV Guest Roles

  1. The Four of Us Are Dying
  2. The Ross Guttley Story a.k.a. Touch and Ross
  3. Open Wide for Zombies / Dumbwaiters
  4. The Wayward Warrior
  5. Battle Hymn
  6. Deadfall (1)
  7. The Onslaught
  8. Charlie, He Couldn't Kill a Fly
  9. Case: The Sylvia Needleman Experience
  10. The Over-the-Hill Blues