Ben Browder

Ben Browder

Born Dec 11, 1962
  • Actor, Screenwriter
Robert Benedict "Ben" Browder is an American actor and writer, known for his roles as John Crichton in Farscape and Cameron Mitchell in Stargate SG-1.

Ben Browder Stats


: Robert Benedic Browder, Robert Benedict "Ben" Browder


: Actor, Screenwriter


: 6 ft (1.85 m)


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Dec 11, 1962 (55 years old)

Place of Birth

: Memphis

Ben Browder Film Roles

  1. A Killer Within
    Sam Moss
  2. A Kiss Before Dying
    Tommy Roussell
  3. Bad Kids Go to Hell
    Max Rainwater
  4. Behind the Camera: Charlie's Angels
    Lee Majors
  5. Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story
    Al Winters
    Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story
  6. Boogie Boy
    Boogie Boy
  7. Innocent Victims
    Gary Eastburn
    Innocent Victims
  8. Memphis Belle
    Rookie Captain
  9. Nevada

Ben Browder TV Starring Roles

  1. Farscape
    John Crichton
  2. Justice League
    Bat Lash
  3. Naught for Hire
    Nick Naught
  4. Strangers (CA)
    Eric King
  5. The Boys of Twilight
    Tyler Clare

Ben Browder TV Guest Roles

  1. Edward Norton, Izabel Goulart, Gene Pompa
  2. I Do
    Sam Brody
    I Do
  3. Grace Undergraduate
  4. Bad Timing
    Peacekeeper commando
  5. Murder by Twos
    Ollie Rudman
  6. The Two Mrs. Mancinis
    Adam Travell
  7. Tinder Box
    Danny Maxwell
  8. Gimme Shelter
    Gimme Shelter
  9. Significant Others
    Significant Others
  10. Close to You
    Close to You