Ann Morgan Guilbert

Ann Morgan Guilbert

Born Oct 16, 1928
  • Actor
Ann Morgan Guilbert, sometimes credited as Ann Guilbert, is an American actress who played the neighbor Millie Helper in 61 episodes of the early 1960s sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, and later Yetta Rosenberg, Fran Fine’s doddering grandmother, in 56 episodes of the 1990s sitcom The Nanny. She beg...

Ann Morgan Guilbert Stats


: Ann Morgan Gilbert, Ann Morgan, Ann Guilbert, Ann M. Guilbert


: Actor


: United States of America

Date of Birth

: Oct 16, 1928 (90 years old)

Place of Birth

: Minneapolis

Ann Morgan Guilbert Film Roles

  1. Grumpier Old Men
    Mama Ragetti
  2. Please Give

Ann Morgan Guilbert TV Starring Roles

  1. The Nanny
    Yetta Rosenberg
    The Nanny
  2. The New Andy Griffith Show
  3. The Fanelli Boys
  4. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    The Dick Van Dyke Show
  5. Hey, Landlord

Ann Morgan Guilbert TV Guest Roles

  1. The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember
    The Nanny Reunion: A Nosh to Remember
  2. Smoke Gets in Your Lies
    Yetta Rosenberg
  3. Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary
    Yetta Rosenberg
  4. Everybody Needs a Bubby
    Yetta Rosenberg
    Everybody Needs a Bubby
  5. Curse of the Grandmas
    Yetta Rosenberg
  6. The Whine Cellar
    Yetta Rosenberg
    The Whine Cellar
  7. Take Back Your Mink
    Yetta Rosenberg
    Take Back Your Mink
  8. Canasta Masta
    Yetta Rosenberg
    Canasta Masta
  9. The Nanny Behind the Man
    Yetta Rosenberg
    The Nanny Behind the Man
  10. The Chatterbox
    Yetta Rosenberg