The Richest People In Oklahoma

Below are the richest people in Oklahoma. As of October 2023, the richest person in Oklahoma is Harold Hamm. Harold Hamm lives in Oklahoma. How does your net worth compare to the fortunes of the wealthiest people in Oklahoma?
  1. 1
    Harold Hamm Net Worth US Flag

    Harold Hamm

    $17 Billion
    Richest Person in Oklahoma High Position of Wealth in United States
  2. 2
    George Kaiser Net Worth US Flag

    George Kaiser

    $13.2 Billion
    High Position of Wealth in United States
  3. 3
    David Green Net Worth US Flag

    David Green

    $5.2 Billion
  4. 4
    Tom and Judy Love Net Worth US Flag

    Tom and Judy Love

    $5 Billion
  5. 5
    Lynn Schusterman Net Worth US Flag

    Lynn Schusterman

    $3.8 Billion
  6. 6
    Joseph Craft Net Worth US Flag

    Joseph Craft

    $1.4 Billion
  7. 7
    Aubrey McClendon Net Worth US Flag

    Aubrey McClendon

    $500 Million