The Richest People In Massachusetts

Below are the richest people in Massachusetts. As of September 2023, the richest person in Massachusetts is Abigail Johnson. Abigail Johnson lives in Massachusetts. How does your net worth compare to the fortunes of the wealthiest people in Massachusetts?
  1. 1
    Abigail Johnson Net Worth US Flag

    Abigail Johnson

    $28 Billion
    Richest Person in Massachusetts High Position of Wealth in United States
  2. 2
    Robert Kraft Net Worth US Flag

    Robert Kraft

    $11 Billion
  3. 3
    Edward Johnson Net Worth US Flag

    Edward Johnson

    $7.3 Billion
  4. 4
    Jim Davis (New Balance) Net Worth US Flag

    Jim Davis (New Balance)

    $3.3 Billion
  5. 5
    Amos Hostetter Net Worth US Flag

    Amos Hostetter

    $3.1 Billion
    High Position of Wealth in Richest Wall Street Bankers
  6. 6
    Phillip Ragon Net Worth US Flag

    Phillip Ragon

    $1.5 Billion
  7. 7
    Valentin Gapontsev Net Worth US Flag

    Valentin Gapontsev

    $1.1 Billion
  8. 8
    Eric Johnson Net Worth US Flag

    Eric Johnson

    $10 Million