The Richest People In Kansas

Below are the richest people in Kansas. As of November 2023, the richest person in Kansas is Charles Koch. Charles Koch lives in Kansas. How does your net worth compare to the fortunes of the wealthiest people in Kansas?
  1. 1
    Charles Koch Net Worth US Flag

    Charles Koch

    $60 Billion
    Richest Person in Kansas 4th Richest Person in United States High Position of Wealth in Richest Billionaires
  2. 2
    Min Kao Net Worth US Flag

    Min Kao

    $3 Billion
  3. 3
    Gary Burrell Net Worth US Flag

    Gary Burrell

    $1.9 Billion
  4. 4
    Neal Patterson Net Worth US Flag

    Neal Patterson

    $1.7 Billion
  5. 5
    Donald Hall Net Worth US Flag

    Donald Hall

    $1.1 Billion
  6. 6
    Don Tyson Net Worth US Flag

    Don Tyson

    $1 Billion
    High Position of Wealth in Richest Business