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Soulja Boy has raised the debt ceiling of his checking account on this one… He has allegedly decided that he is sick of renting from Net Jets, and has opted for owning his very own Gulf-stream 5 (G5).  He is supposedly dropping $55 Million on this purchase, which equates to $35 million for the jet and $20 million to pimp it out with a custom bathroom and paint job that includes his logo..  Given his net worth is about half the value of that purchase, it's probably just a publicity stunt to get his name back in the tabloids.. He might need it considering his last album sold only 56,000 copies… Which would give him just enough money for one trip from New York to Los Angeles in "his" new G5.

Janine Lindemulder adult film actress AKA. Jesse James's ex-wife was arrested in Texas yesterday. She smiled for her mug shot, after being arrested for harassment at her home. The reason for the harassment warrant…..apparently she called Jessie on the phone more than 25 times in the last few days. Janine, who is still in custody, will go before the judge today.

Joe Pesci had a signed movie contract to appear in the upcoming film about John Gotti, he even gained 30lbs that was required for the part. Now he is suing the producers of "Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father," because they backed out of the deal. Pesci's lawyer commented; "[Pesci] has since ended his very strict and healthy diet, and has so far gained approximately 30 pounds in anticipation of playing Ruggiero, who was well known for his heavy and stocky build." He wants punitive damages, in addition to the $3 million.

Kat Von D says she loves her tattoo of Jesse James fifth grade school picture on her ribcage. Even though the relationship between Kat and Jesse is finished, the tattoo will remain…..fyi, she also has a tattoo of another ex-boyfriend on her body. "L.A. Ink." Kat's new show premieres tonight on TLC.

Alex Trebek longtime host of the TV show, Jeopardy, was injured yesterday while chasing a burglar. Alex snapped his Achilles tendon when he chased, 56-year old, Lucinda Moyers from his San Francisco hotel room. Moyers was charged with felony burglary and possession of stolen property after she took cash and a bracelet given to Alex by his mother.

Jalen Rose had a really bad day yesterday. He was caught doing 46mph in a 25mph zone in the Detroit suburb of Clawson. Earlier in the day he was handed a 20 day jail sentence for a DUI that he pled guilty to, back in May. Hopefully, he can pay his speeding ticket before he starts serving his jail time.

Kim Kardashian does not want badly dressed people at her upcoming wedding, and she made it perfectly clear. On the invitations for the Montecito, California ceremony, on Saturday, August 20th,  are the words "Black Tie." What happens if you show up wearing a Blue Tie?

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