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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, his ex-wife and mother of his twin boys, Bob and Max, spent time together on Sunday, at Charlie's Hollywood Hills mansion. The couple is trying to mend their relationship and even posed for a picture, like a happy family. Brooke is currently in a rehab program that Charlie set up for her. After she is finished, sheen wants to relocate Brooke and the boys to a house in his neighborhood so they can spend more quality time together. Maybe this time they can make it work!

Taylor Lautner, star of "Twilight" just gave other 19 year-old a reason to be jealous. He just bought a go-to-hell silver 2012 SLS AMG with gull wing doors. Taylor went car shopping with his parents at a L.A. Mercedes-Benz dealership. FYI, the 2012 SLS AMG is worth over $200,000 and can go from 0-60 in 4 seconds. And if that isn't enough, the top in speed of this awesome ride is 200mph.

Legendary musician Meat Loaf, who suffers from asthma, fainted for the second time in less than a week, Sunday in New Jersey. This time the 63year-old singer had to receive oxygen. He had just finished performing and fainted backstage. This is only three days since he had a similar fainting experience at a concert in Pittsburgh.

Kim Kardashian's look-a-like, and reason for her suing Old Navy, put her singing talent to work at the Las Vegas gay club, Piranha, this weekend. Melissa Molinaro sang and danced on a top of a lit-up table at the club. Her attire showed off her bountiful booty.

Caleb Followill, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band "Kings of Leon," is trying to recover so he does not disappoint anymore of his fans. Caleb was taking a walk in New York yesterday, two days after he got sick, and could not perform at a concert in Dallas. The band has revised their tour schedule so the singer has a two month break to get better before the next concert.

Carroll Shelby, the designer behind the Ford Mustang Cobra, has been accused of sexual assault by his former receptionist, Angelica Smith. Smith filed a lawsuit yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court. She claims that 88-year old Shelby assaulted her by "groping her," at his home. She also claims that she was drugged and raped by a fellow employee of Shelby's company, in December 2010, which also took place at Carroll's home. Smith is asking for more than $5 million in damages in her lawsuit against Shelby, Shelby's companies, and the alleged rapist.

Actor Mel Gibson celebrated his fifth year of sobriety with some friends last week. On July 28, 2006, Mel was arrested and charged with a DUI, and his close friends say he has not had a drink since. Gibson has had a rough couple of years but he says he is grateful for his arrest that night.

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