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splits: 6

Mark Sanchez was seen leaving an In-N-Out Burger in Laguna Beach last weekend with "Scream 4" actress Hayden Panettiere. It has not been confirmed if the New York Jets Qb and Hayden are dating. Hayden is recently single after splitting up with boxer Wladimir Klitschko.

Ron Artest helped breakup a fistfight between a man and woman in front of a L.A. nightclub last weekend. Artest stated, "Unfortunately there was a situation at the club and some people had too much to drink, and got unruly and aggressive. I tried to diffuse the situation. Some people just don't think clearly when they've had too much to drink — it's an unfortunate reality. "

Sean Kingston does not have to worry about getting sued for his recent jet ski accident. The victim Cassandra Sanchez won't be pressing charges against the "Beautiful Girls" singer. Sanchez stated I know this whole thing was just an accident. I won't be pressing any type of charges or hiring a lawyer. Sean is a good guy."

Kim Kardashian will be taking her husbands last name when they marry. Kim will be tying the knot later this summer with NBA star Kris Humphries. Her name will then change to Kim Humphries. Kris Jenner, Kim's mom, told, "I don't think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries … She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she's worked so hard to get where she is."

Arnold Schwarzenegger has hired attorney Bob Kaufman as his divorce lawyer, and he is already tackling some touchy issues of the split. Kaufman's already been in touch with Maria's attorney, Laura Wasser — and we're told they are "moving forward" with divorce negotiations.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump took questions from reporters about Palin's presidential plans at Trump Tower in NYC yesterday. During the media frenzy The Donald stated "I'd love for her to run [for President]."

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