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Arnold Schwarzenegger's son that he conceived more than a decade ago with his housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena looks just like him. Baena has supported Arnold since the story broke about the child last week, saying he is been very generous after she told him about being the boy's father when the young lad was a toddler.

Michael Jackson's dad Joe Jackson debuted a new line of scents called "Jackson" for both MEN and WOMEN in Cannes, France this week. The cologne called, "Tribute," is a "heavily musky" scent and the perfume called, "Legend " is a "floral harmony" combined with a "fruity note." No word on when you can purchase the "Jackson" scent line.

Mike Tyson proved he can do more than just box, he can dance too. Mike and his wife Lakiha Spicer gave a great performance on Argentina's version of "Dancing with the Stars." called, "Bailando 2011." Tyson personal called up his dance instructors to thank them for coming to his US home to help train them for the show. It really paid off; their dancing was awesome!

Jessica Alba's's ex-high school sweetheart has started a new website to help feuding couples mend their differences and stay together. Chris Lakkees believes if Jessica and him could have received some help from a site like, that they would still be together or least stayed friends.

Kirk Cameron has voiced his opinion about Stephen Hawking being wrong about the non-existence of heaven. Cameron states that Hawking has no scientific evidence to back his claim that Heaven is merely a, "Fairy story for people afraid of the dark." He went on to add that Stephen is just as ignorant as John Lennon is.

Camille Grammer is furious because her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer filed papers today seeking sole custody of the couple's two daughters. Camille insists the girls who are 6 and 9 want to live with her, and she will fight to keep it that way. She also states that Kelsey abandoned their family and had another child out of wedlock, therefore he doesn't deserve to have sole custody.

Miley Cyrus got a permanent reminder of her recent trip to Brazil; the teen idol received a tattoo on her wrist. No one knows yet what design she picked, but remember her Mom's back has a large set of wings inked on it. Classy.

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