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By on May 11, 2011 in Articles

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards his ex-wife were in a LA lawyer's office yesterday in their continued fight over custody of their children. Charlie did not get the weekend visitation he was seeking with his two daughters Sam and Lola. Richards is concerned about the kids being with Dad due to his recent behavior.

Kobe Bryant's name is in a lawsuit; it seems Panini America wants a kiosk inside the Staples Center closed down. According to Panini, which claims to have exclusive licensing rights to all things Kobe, The Art of the Game is selling Kobe merchandise with forged signatures. Keith Fink, the lawyer for The Art of the Game, states, "The gallery we have in Staples has been selling art signed by Kobe with Kobe's image for a decade. Virtually every night Kobe's agent or marketing team passed by the gallery and never once has someone had an issue with the art."

Charlie Sheen's former goddess Bree Olson is headed back to the adult industry. Olson an ex-porn star had called it quits with her career when she and Charlie started dating. However a short month after her breakup text message to Sheen, she is posing for Playboy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a public statement at an Israeli Independence Day event in LA Former California governor said, "We both love each other very much, we are very fortunate we have four extraordinary children and we're taking it one day at a time." Apparently Maria has been miserable over the lack of attention from Arnold for several years, he has been more attentive since the breakup and he wants her back.

The Situation doesn't have to count on the media to bad mouth him; he can leave that to his own father. Frank Sorrentino has posted a very disturbing video about his son, he claims that The Situation got fired from a job for accepting a blowjob in the office from a fellow employee. He goes on to say that the "Jersey Shore" star abandoned his family when he got famous, and when his dad asked a favor (obviously he wanted money) his answer was just go on welfare like everybody else. Can you feel the LOVE flow through this family!

Bethenny Frankel from "Real Housewives" knows a lot of people laugh at reality shows, but she doesn't. She has built an $200 million dollar empire based on reality shows, and she knows the business inside and out and hopes they stay popular forever.

Diddy is sorry to let his fans in Phoenix down tonight however, he has been ordered by his doctor to stay in bed. Due to a high fever Diddy has canceled his concert for this evening in Phoenix, he made an announcement earlier today via Twitter that he was feeling so bad he couldn't even get out of bed.

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