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By on June 14, 2011 in Articles

Lindsay Lohan is suffering badly with her house arrest, she is soooo lonely that she invited some friends over yesterday for a rooftop BBQ. She is currently through day 18, and has about 2 an a half weeks left of her sentence. Is this what they call HARD TIME!

Katt Williams was arrested again and this time it was due to a stand off with a tractor driver. Apparently Kat was staying at a Palmdale, CA home with some friends when three women approached a tractor driver who was working on the home began attacking him with rocks and dirt clods. The man called his wife to pick him up but before they were able to get away, Kat parked his SUV behind the tractor preventing him from leaving, that is when the driver dialed 911. One of the women was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and busted Katt for felony intimidating a witness.

Soulja Boy claims he was a victim of a hacker last weekend who broke into his Facebook account and posted a nasty homophobic, racist rant all over his wall. The rant — aimed at "haters" who posted negative comments on the rapper's Facebook page — included the lines, "IM TIRED OF WHITE PEOPLE DOING US LIKE THIS MAN! THEY TREAT US SO WRONG! f**k THEM." Soulja says, "I wanted to clear the air and let everyone know that my Facebook got hacked."

Candy Spelling has a buyer for her 57,000 square foot mansion she built with late husband, mega-producer Aaron Spelling. The Holmby Hills (Beverly Hills adjacent) mansion, was listed in March of 2009 for a whooping $150 million. The estate has a bowling alley, beauty salon, several gift-wrapping rooms and parking for 100 cars, and went for $75 million, half the asking price. Candy found herself an awesome deal, shoe bought 2 condos for $35 million in a nearby condo complex in Century City. However due to renovations she will have to wait a year to move in.

Ben Roethlisberger, along with his other laid off Steeler pals found a cool way to kill their boredom. These Pittsburgh Steeler buddies visited the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in New Braunfels, Texas, where they dumped a lot of their unemployment benefits on some of the biggest rides. And if that didn't leave them broke the NFL lock out victims made a sizeable donation to the park's Employees Scholarship. However if the lock out continues they may have to stick to using their backyard sprinklers to get wet!

LeBron James not only lost the NBA Championship his also lost his lunch. The day after the finals were over Earl Stein the co-owner of Corky and Lenny's in Cleveland, renamed the "King Size Corned Beef Sandwich" is now known as The Dirk Nowitzki Corned Beef Sandwich." This $10.50 sandwich was named in honor of Dallas' victory over Miami Sunday night.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband Prince Frederic Von Anhalt has a minor fender bender in LA yesterday. When he slammed his truck into the back end of another vehicle. No one was seriously injured at the scene, Von Anhalt stated that the vehicle in front of him stopped too quickly — and he rammed into it, then that car hit the one in front of it however, that car had no visual damage. Too OLD to DRIVEā€¦but not too OLD to be a NEW DADDY!

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