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Eddie Murphy will not been taking on anymore roles of the character Shrek, Murphy made the statement last evening outside Mastro's steakhouse "No more Shrek … I'm Shrek'd out!" No word as too what his next venture will be.

Kim Kardashian has decided to forgive Cosmo Magazine, the star was upset because the magazine posted her picture of the cover of their Turkish addition without her permission. She has agreed to do another photo shoot for Cosmo later this week.

The Situation may have bombed big time at the recent Roast of Donald Trump, but car dealers in Miami will still try to sell him a new car. The Situation was seen test driving a sleek Ferrari F430 Spider. No word if he bought the ride or was just window shopping.

Maybe actress Kirstie Alley should hang up her dancing shoes before she loses them! One week after her partner on Dancing With The Stars dropped her, she had another problem… a loose shoe. No word yet if the judges reduced her score because of it.

Seth Rogen is not what you would call one of the most youthful baby-faced stars in LA, but a store clerk evidently thought so. Yesterday while buying alcohol, Rogen was carded! Be REAL! I think this dude was born with a beard!

Lady Gaga had an embarrassing mishap during her concert in Houston yesterday; the Pop Star fell off a piano and landed on her head. Fortunately she wasn't hurt, got right back up and continued singing the song without missing a note.

Nicolas Cage was once the proud owner of an ultra-rare Superman comic book, however back in 2000 the book was stolen. Luckily Nic had it insured a received a settlement. Now 11 years later the authentic copy of Action Comics #1, a 1938 classic in which Superman was introduced, was found in a storage locker in L.A. The comic book valued at more than $1.5 million will be returned to the insurance company when the police are done with it. (I bet they want to read it first). If cage wants his book back he will have to deal with the insurance company. But because of his current money woes, I bet he'll stick with the insurance money.

Donald Trump is furious at Bill Cosby for the comments he made on the Today Show about the possibility of Trump running for President. Trump whom claims that when he has run into the actor, they have always been nice to each other… but this is not the case anymore. Trump states, "If [Bill] doesn't want me to run because he's obviously an Obama fan, he should state the reasons and not .. treat me like his best friend, only to denigrate me when I'm not around."

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