Thursday Net Worth News 6/23

By on June 23, 2011 in Articles

Lindsay Lohan is back in court today because of dirty test results on June 12th or 13th. Lindsay claims she has not drunk alcohol during her house arrest, despite her testing positive for booze on a recent urine test. She also stated that there is no alcohol in her home, however an open bottle of wine has been found.

Wee Man co-star of "Jackass" and fellow buddy of the late Ryan Dunn made a permanent tribute to his falling friend, he had the dude's face tattooed on his leg. Wee Man posted a video online and he added the flowing statement; "How can I do something for Ryan? Well, it's something he'd probably do for anyone of us if it was one of us in the situation. And I'm going to get him tattooed on me."

Sean Kingston who has terrible Jet Ski accident three weeks ago has been released from the hospital. Kingston was listed in critical condition after the crash and has made an awesome recovery, from numerous injuries. Sean tweeted earlier this week; "Feeling allot better! GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!"

George Clooney's girlfriend has failed like many others before her to get Clooney to commit to marriage. In fact he has dumped Elisabetta Canalis. Apparently Elisabetta really wanted to get married however Clooney is and will remain a confirmed bachelor. The breakup was a mutual decision.

Cameron Winklevoss and his twin brother Tyler have thrown in the towel in the lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The twins, who have claimed to be the true creators of the social network known as Facebook, have been fighting for seven years stating that Zuckerberg stole their idea. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss agreed to accept the settlement of $65 million in stock, the good news is now the stock is worth $100 million.

Eli Manning is an aspiring new actor, Eli along with his brother Peyton star in the new DirecTV project "Football Cops. Apparently in the debut episode Eli kills a guy by throwing a football directly into a man's chest cavity. The Mannings hunt down gun-toting bad guys with only a couple of footballs, some mustaches and their laser rocket arms to protect them. This new mini-movie even includes a guest appearance by the Manning boys Dad Archie.

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