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Flo Rida had a great time last night at a birthday party at a Miami nightclub; he even took part in a toast with a full glass. Then when the rapper was leaving the Dream nightclub in the wee hours of the morning

he was busted for a DUI with an Alcohol level of twice the legal limit. Flo was arrested behind the wheel of his super-expensive Bugatti.

Shania Twain not did injure her body last night at the CMT awards, thankfully she only hurt her pride. Shania was on her way to the stage when she wiped out, later she posted a video on her web site and

stated; "I'm here to tell you that I now realize I don't need a stunt double … to wipe out on my way to the CMT Awards stage." She added, "I didn't hurt myself … I have a bit of a sore stomach. That's about it."

Kim Kardashian is pissed off at Tom Brady's teammate Bret Lockett for saying they he had an affair with Kim. Kim's lawyer, Michael Kump has sent Bret a letter stating that if he doesn't tell the truth they he lied

about the whole thing and the two did not sleep together Kim will file papers and take the big guy to court.Lockett swears that the alleged affair earlier this year is real and that he holds evidence to prove it. So far

no such evidence has surfaced.

Nicolas Cage's ex-wife Christina Fulton had her own emotional breakdown leaving the L.A. hospital where her son is being treated Wednesday morning. Fulton was in tears and is claiming the mess the couple's son Weston is in, is all Nic's fault. She states that Westin would not be in the hospital receiving treatment for a mental breakdown if it wasn't for his Dad's toxic influence. Police subdued Weston Tuesday, after fighting with his personal trainer at a restaurant.

Joey Fatone is having an awesome estate sale this weekend and if you got the cash you can put of some very treasured items. Like, Joey's Death Star replica, his personal Sword of Omens from Thundercats, arcade games, furniture, art, dishes, grill utensils … all the way down to his clothes and shoes. Fatone family is moving and EVERYTHING must go…except the kitchen sink.

Britney Spears has filed a cross-complaint, claiming Brand Sense withheld her share of the profits from the sale of Britney's perfume Radiance for months, and they also failed to pay her interest on the delayed payments. This come after Brand Sense filed a lawsuit against Spears for cutting them out of her deal with Elizabeth Arden. Britney says Brand Sense was not cut out of the deal. More stinky news about this story is yet to come!

Britney Spears suing Brand Sense for withholding profits/ David Becker/Getty Images
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