UFC Has A Star-Studded List Of New Investors – Find Out Who They Are!

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A few months ago, William Morris Endeavor-International Management Group (WME-IMG) purchased the UFC from the Fertitta brothers for $4 billion. This record-setting acquisition proves that the new owners believe there's huge potential for growth in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

"I think it's a mainstream sport now," said Ari Emmanuel, co-chief executive of WME-IMG.

The first big move that the new owners of UFC have made since the deal went down in July was to invite a team of a-list investors to help promote the UFC brand. WME-IMG invited celebrities—people who were known to be big fans of the UFC, mostly clients of WME-IMG—to make a small investment of at least $250,000 in the organization.

(Mike Hewitt / Getty Images)

(Mike Hewitt / Getty Images)

This investment ties a lot of influential personalities to the brand, giving them incentive to promote the UFC in their areas of influence. It's truly a brilliant business move for the new owners.

So far, most celebrities have been silent about their investment. The only one who has spoken publicly thus far is Conan O'Brien, a late-night TV talk show host.

"After the UFC deal was announced, WME – William Morris Endeavor – gave some of their clients an opportunity to purchase a small ownership stake in the UFC. I'm excited to announce that I was one of those clients," said O'Brien.

(Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for TBS)

(Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for TBS)

Here's the full list of celebrities, 23 in all, who now own a stake in the organization:

– Maria Sharapova

– Sylvester Stallone

– Mark Wahlberg

– Serena + Venus Williams

– Cam Newton

– Conan O'Brien

– Trey Parker

– Tyler Perry

– Jimmy Kimmel

– Robert Kraft

– Tom Brady

– Adam Levine

– Li Na

– LL Cool J

– Flea

– Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye

– Calvin Harris

– Anthony Kiedis

– Ben Affleck

– Michael Bay

– Rob Dyrdek

– Guy Fieri

(Elsa/Getty Images)

(Elsa/Getty Images)

The only two people on the list who are not WME-IMG clients are Tom Brady and Robert Kraft. Brady's wife is a client of the organization, and Robert Kraft helped purchase it back in July.

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