Roger Goodell's Extension Set To Be Agreed To During Owners' Meeting In December

By on November 26, 2017 in ArticlesSports News

Roger Goodell's tenure as commissioner of the NFL has been anything but smooth sailing. The 58 year-old has endured a firestorm of opposition and criticism over the course of his decade-plus reign, from players and members of the media alike. That prior opposition though, pales in comparison to what Goodell has received in recent weeks from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has reportedly made it a point to make the signing of Goodell's extension as difficult a process as possible. Despite Jones' efforts though, an extension appears to be imminent.

According to sources, Roger Goodell's proposed extension is on track to be completed before the owners' meeting on Dec. 13, which will take place in Dallas. According ESPN, a league source reported that momentum to delay the deal has dissipated "meaningfully."

If the new 5-year deal is agreed to, Goodell could potentially make $40 million annually for each year from 2019 to 2023, if all bonus criteria are achieved. Though specifics have yet to be released, Goodell's base salary will reportedly be in the single-digits, with roughly 85 percent of the total compensation package being comprised of bonuses.

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Jerry Jones though, doesn't appear ready to back down from his desire to block Goodell's extension. The Cowboys owner has been lobbying for the owners to have a final vote of approval on Goodell's extension, and has threatened to sue the league if Goodell's deal is approved. Currently, only the compensation committee; which is comprised of six NFL owners, has say over the commissioner's contract terms. Jones was removed as an ad-hoc, non-voting member of the committee earlier this month after he threatened to bring legal action against the league.

The public feud between the two men stems from the commissioner's decision to suspend Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for 6 games following the league's investigation into a domestic violence incident involving the second-year player. Jones reportedly threatened Goodell in a phone call in which he told him "I'm gonna come after you with everything I have."

On Monday, the NFL compensation committee, which is chaired by Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, released a letter in which they reiterated their stance on not granting Jones' request of giving the 32 league owners a final vote of approval on Goodell's extension. In the letter, which was written by Blank, the Falcons owner wrote that Jones was ignoring facts in order to satisfy his own "personal agenda."

Goodell's current deal is set to expire after the 2018 season.

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