The Original Purchase Price And Current Value Of Every NFL Team

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How great would it be to own an NFL franchise? What football fan has not dreamed about that very possibility at some point in life? Of course, for most of us that is all it ever will be, considering it takes a small fortune to buy into the league now. With the average value of an NFL team close to $2 billion, you'll have to be filthy stinking rich to even consider trying to buy one.

However, that was not always the case. Over the history of the league team owners have paid as little as $100 (George Halas for the Chicago Bears in 1920), and as much as $1.1 billion (Stephen Ross for the Miami Dolphins in 2008).

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So the investment made by George Halas, who left the team to his daughter, Virginia Halas McCaskey (pictured above), has increased in value by more than 24,000,000%. Not bad, right? Stephen Ross can only hope that his investment will have the same luck someday, but he is probably not complaining that the Dolphins have increased in value by 68 percent in the short time that he has owned the team.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Here is a list of the 32 owners, when they bought the team, for how much, and what it is now worth:

TeamOwnerSale YearSales PriceCurrent Value
Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers, Inc.1919$50.00$1,950,000,000.00
Chicago BearsMcCaskey Family1920$100.00$2,450,000,000.00
New York GiantsJohn Mara/Steve Tisch1929$500.00$2,800,000,000.00
Pittsburgh SteelersRooney Family1933$2,500.00$1,900,000,000.00
Buffalo BillsRalph Wilson Trust1959$25,000.00$1,400,000,000.00
Kansas City ChiefsLamar Hunt Family1960$25,000.00$1,530,000,000.00
Oakland RaidersMark Davis1966$25,000.00$1,430,000,000.00
Tennessee TitansKenneth Adams Jr1959$25,000.00$1,490,000,000.00
Arizona CardinalsWilliam Bidwill1932$50,000.00$1,540,000,000.00
Detroit LionsWilliam Clay Ford1964$4,000,000.00$1,440,000,000.00
Cincinnati BengalsMichael Brown1967$8,000,000.00$1,450,000,000.00
San Francisco 49ersJed York1977$13,000,000.00$2,700,000,000.00
Indianapolis ColtsJames Irsay1972$15,000,000.00$1,880,000,000.00
New Orleans SaintsTom Benson1985$70,000,000.00$1,520,000,000.00
San Diego ChargersSpanos Family1984$70,000,000.00$1,530,000,000.00
Denver BroncosPatrick Bowlen1984$78,000,000.00$1,940,000,000.00
Dallas CowboysJerry Jones1989$150,000,000.00$4,000,000,000.00
New England PatriotsRobert Kraft1994$172,000,000.00$3,200,000,000.00
Philadelphia EaglesJeffrey Lurie1994$185,000,000.00$2,400,000,000.00
Tampa Bay BuccaneersGlazer Family1995$192,000,000.00$1,510,000,000.00
Seattle SeahawksPaul Allen1997$194,000,000.00$1,870,000,000.00
Carolina PanthersJerry Richardson1993$206,000,000.00$1,560,000,000.00
Atlanta FalconsArthur Blank2002$545,000,000.00$1,670,000,000.00
Baltimore RavensStephen Bisciotti2004$600,000,000.00$1,930,000,000.00
Minnesota VikingsZygmunt Wilf2005$600,000,000.00$1,590,000,000.00
New York JetsRobert Wood Johnson IV2000$635,000,000.00$2,600,000,000.00
Houston TexansRobert McNair1999$700,000,000.00$2,500,000,000.00
St. Louis RamsStanley Kroenke2010$750,000,000.00$1,450,000,000.00
Washington RedskinsDaniel Snyder1999$750,000,000.00$2,850,000,000.00
Jacksonville JaguarsShahid Khan2012$770,000,000.00$1,480,000,000.00
Cleveland BrownsJimmy Haslam2012$1,000,000,000.00$1,500,000,000.00
Miami DolphinsStephen Ross2008$1,100,000,000.00$1,850,000,000.00


Teams in the NHL, MLB, and NBA do not always make a profit from year to year, but thanks to the profit sharing structure the league has and the hard salary cap owners are virtually guaranteed to make a profit year in and year out, barring serious mismanagement on their part.

Last season, before taxes, interest, depreciation, and amortization are deducted, each team made at least $25.4 million (Atlanta Falcons) and as much as $270 million (Dallas Cowboys).

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