This Might Be The Biggest Bet In Boxing History

By on February 27, 2017 in ArticlesSports News

Even if you know nothing about boxing, you know that boxers like to talk trash. It's a natural intimidation technique, and a boxer needs confidence, or else they won't stand a chance.

For Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., their confidence is going to potentially earn one of them a lot of money.

As both boxers appeared on the Spanish television talk show Despierta América, Chavez suggested the pair's match on May 6 in Las Vegas should be winner-takes-all. It was a bold move since Chavez was only in line to make $9 million. Canelo, who's got a lot more on the line – $36 million – agreed, because he "will win" either way.

After Canelo stepped up, Chavez looked like he might be getting cold feet. That's when Canelo reminded Chavez that he had virtually nothing to lose as Canelo was making four times as much.

The host of the talk show suggested the two fighters shake on it, since "both of you are gentlemen." And hey, if you shake hands on live television, it's a sealed bet, right?

Now, while this is an impressive amount of money on the line, Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett doesn't believe the bet will actually stand unless the contracts are rewritten.

"It's never been done in my time here," Bennett said. "Betting purses is a lot of money and doesn't seem like a wise thing to do."

If the bet does occur, though, one fighter is going to walk away with a ton of money. And the other one will probably be wishing he didn't make such a risky wager.

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