J.R. Smith Fails To Crowdfund Reality Show

By on June 16, 2016 in ArticlesSports News

If you haven't gotten enough of watching J.R. Smith on TV this NBA season or during his abysmal performance in the Finals, you're in luck! Smith and his brand—Team Swish—plan to film a reality show focused on the life of the NBA star. The only bad news is…

Kickstarter suspended his funding campaign.

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Getty Images

Smith and co. launched a Kickstarter campaign in the middle of the NBA Finals. The campaign sought to raise a total of $450k to fund the show, which would air online for free. And it was oh so close to becoming a reality.

On June 15, Kickstarter suspended the funding after the campaign amassed a whopping $1,547 in pledges from 43 backers. That is not a typo.

They were exactly $448,453 short.

There are two questions here that need to be asked and will likely never be answered.

  1. Why was this campaign launched in the middle of the championship series? Couldn't it have waited a few days? Perhaps if Smith had waited until the series was over, he would have been focused enough on basketball to average more than nine points per game in a series that his team is losing.
  2. Why does he need your money? Once this season is over, Smith will have earned well over $50 Million in his career. Can he not afford to fund his own show?

Well, regardless of the answers to these two questions, one thing is certain: most people don't seem to care very much about learning any more about "the real J.R. Smith" than they already know.

Nice try, Team Swish.

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