What Are The Salaries And Contracts Of Super Bowl Coaches Andy Reid And Kyle Shanahan?

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We're all set for Super Bowl LVIII, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Francisco 49ers. While the players on the field are rightly getting plenty of attention, the head coaches are a big reason for the teams' success, too. Kansas City's Andy Reid and San Francisco's Kyle Shanahan have both proven quite valuable to their respective teams, and they've made a ton of money along the way.

Though NFL player salaries are typically public knowledge, head coaches don't get the same treatment. The contracts of Reid, Shanahan, and other coaches are based on inside sources and estimations, though they're likely pretty close to the numbers below.

How Long Is Andy Reid's Current Contract?

Andy Reid is the sixth highest-paid coach in the NFL, making an estimated $12-$12.5 million per year on a six-year contract that expires after the 2025 season. He signed his latest deal during the team's bye week of the 2020 season, which will pay him between $72 and $75 million in total.

When he first joined the Chiefs in 2013, he inked a five-year deal worth a reported $37.5 million. It's safe to say he's earned somewhere in the neighborhood between $120 and $150 million during his Chiefs' tenure.

Reid, 65, has had great success since signing with Kansas City. The team has never had a losing record under his watch and has reached either the AFC Championship or the Super Bowl in six straight seasons.

Kyle Shanahan (L) and Andy Reid (Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

How Long Is Kyle Shanahan's Current Contract?

In terms of salary, Shanahan, 44, is close to the same level as Reid. According to senior NFL reporter Albert Breer, the six-year extension Shanahan signed in 2020 was paying him about $10 million per year.

At the beginning of this season, the Niners signed Shanahan to another extension. He initially signed a six-year deal with the team in 2017 but restructured the contract with three years still remaining in 2020. The team and coach took the same route this time, too. The exact length of the new deal hasn't been disclosed, though it's likely Shanahan will continue to earn around $10 million per season for the foreseeable future.

Shanahan is in his seventh season with the 49ers. He's reached the playoffs in four out of the five past years, with the Niners winning three NFC West titles along the way and advancing to at least the NFC Championship every time they've made the playoffs.

Where Else Has Andy Reid Coached?

This is Reid's second head coaching job in the NFL. He spent 1999 to 2012 as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. His initial deal with Philadelphia was for six years and $15 million. Reid also got contract extensions worth $20 million in 2004 (the year the Eagles reached the Super Bowl) and $16.5 million in 2009.

Add all of his earnings together, and Reid will likely surpass $200 million by the time his current contract is up.

Prior to joining the Eagles, Reid spent several years as an assistant and various positions coach with the Green Bay Packers. Before that, he was an offensive line coach for San Francisco State, Northern Arizona, UTEP, and Missouri.

Where Else Has Kyle Shanahan Coached?

This is Kyle Shanahan's first coaching job in the NFL. He signed with the 49ers in 2017, one day after reaching the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons as offensive coordinator. He only had two seasons with the Falcons; before that, he was offensive coordinator with the Houston Texans, Washington Redskins, and Cleveland Browns. He also spent time as an assistant in Houston and Tampa Bay.

With only his Niners' contracts to date, Shanahan still has a way to go before reaching Reid in career earnings, though he's more than two decades younger. And with how he's performed so far in San Francisco, we bet he'll be earning healthy salaries for quite some time.

How Many Super Bowl Titles Have The Coaches Won?

For nearly two decades, the knock on Andy Reid was that he could never win a championship. He reached the Super Bowl in 2004 with the Donovan McNabb/Terrell Owens Eagles, though the Eagles lost to the New England Patriots, 24-21.

He still left Philadelphia as the winningest coach in franchise history, recording a 140-102-1 record. He's also the winningest coach in Chiefs history, the only head coach to accomplish such a feat with two franchises.

The Chiefs hired Reid in 2013. He's reached the playoffs in all but one season, and this is the fourth Super Bowl he's appeared in since then. The Chiefs have gone 2-1 in those games, winning during the 2019 and 2023 seasons while losing during the 2020 season.

Since joining the 49ers in 2017, Shanahan has made two Super Bowl appearances: this year and in 2019. The Niners lost the first go-round against the Chiefs, so Shanahan is hoping for better success this time. He's yet to win a Super Bowl.

That could change come Sunday. Whatever happens, it's clear both Shanahan and Reid are among the top-performing — and highest-paid — coaches in the NFL.

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