Floyd Mayweather Plans To Open A Strip Club In Las Vegas

By on January 4, 2017 in ArticlesSports News

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most famous residents of Las Vegas. With his brash, loudmouth style and penchant for flaunting his wealth at every opportunity he gets, the now-retired undefeated boxer has built quite the reputation for himself. He has been known to spend an inordinate amount of money on cars, jewelry, and especially strip clubs. For example, he sent a Las Vegas strip club a 1099 tax form to write off the $20,000 he spent making it rain on strippers during a visit in 2014! Well, if everything goes according to plan, Floyd will be able to make it rain at his own strip club.

According to Mayweather's attorney, Shane Emerick, the 39-year-old boxer's strip club is set to be open soon. The club, which will be named Girl Collection, will be located west of the Las Vegas Strip at 2580 S. Highland Drive, and was recently purchased by the boxing champ. Per Emerick, "Floyd has obtained licensing for Girl Collection and as far as when it opens and things like that, they haven't been determined yet. But he has obtained a work card and licenses."

Mayweather first announced his plans to open a strip club on Instagram back in July. "I am just months away from opening up my very own strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada called @GirlCollection," read Mayweather's caption.

(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The building where Girl Collection will be located was up for sale earlier this year for $2.9 million. It is 6,000 square feet and formerly housed Sheri's Cabaret, an all-nude strip club. Floyd intends for Girl Collection to be just a topless club. The reason? So the club can serve alcohol. All-nude clubs in Vegas are not allowed to serve alcohol, with the exception of one club which opened before legislation was passed to ban alcohol from all-nude establishments.

Floyd has all requisite paperwork in order to open the club, according to Emerick, including a tavern-limited license, which allows the club to serve alcohol, a business license, and a topless club license.

The 49-0 boxer's club will be a "high end cabaret" that will feature numerous rooms that can be reserved for groups and one-on-one VIP rooms. Every urinal in the men's room will have a TV monitor, and a private space that can be reserved for parties.

Mayweather hopes to have the club open by next month.

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