Brett Favre Is Being Sued For $18 Million After A Failed Startup Launch

By on February 7, 2018 in ArticlesSports News

Brett Favre has been away from the football field for quite some time now. It appears he's been putting his efforts into Sqor, a social media startup seeking to help athletes monetize themselves.

However, it seems Favre may need to now wrangle up some money of his own.

Callais Capital Management is suing Favre for $16 million, claiming Favre and his business partners fraudulently represented Sqor's business potential to secure $16 million in funding.

CCM alleges that Favre and his business partners misrepresented their social media platform's capabilities, claiming that their increase in user growth was even higher than Twitter and LinkedIn.

Michael Cohen/Getty Images

It's no secret that many social networks embellish their user counts. But it seems Sqor went above and beyond in its false claims, per CCM's complaint.

The company says Sqor lied about attracting other investors, later learning that those investors didn't put any money into the startup.

Sqor also told CCM that other athletes were using the social network and bringing in millions of impressions. Those athletes included Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham, Jr., Conor McGregor, and Allen Iverson.

The suit says none of those athletes were actually using Sqor and that the impressions were inflated.

Favre, meanwhile, received benefits from Sqor like equity, private jet usage, and athlete payments.

CCM's suit is seeking to recoup its original investments plus damages.

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