Antonio Brown Is Asking Brandon Marshall To Pay Up On Their Luxury Car Bet They Made In The Preseason, But Not In The Way You'd Think

By on January 3, 2017 in ArticlesSports News

Back in the summer, New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall challenged Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown to a bet. The stakes were simple: whoever had more receiving yards at the end of the season would receive a luxury car from the other player.

There's still a week to go in the season, but Brown has nearly 500 yards more than Brandon Marshall. It's safe to say the Steelers receiver is the victor in this bet.

Thanks to Brown's generosity, though, both players will emerge victorious.

Joe Sargent/Getty Images
Joe Sargent/Getty Images

In an Instagram post sharing Marshall's initial video challenge, Brown wrote "@bmarshall, you could send me the pink slip, or donate the car to @project375! Glad we're both healthy, mentally and physically !! #callgod"

Project 375 is an organization cofounded by Marshall that helps promote awareness for mental health.

The video challenge showed Marshall's Porsche, which is an official sponsor of the Jets, as an incentive to entice Brown to take the bet. If Marshall won, he would receive Brown's black and gold Rolls-Royce Wraith. Brown, who at 28 is four years younger than Marshall, said the Jets receiver was "too old to be doing that" at the time.

Even though Brown is among the top receivers in football and Marshall has barely cracked the Top 50 in yardage, both men are coming out as winners.

This isn't Brown's first act of kindness this year. The Friday before Christmas, he donated a $100,000 check to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. He also hosted a charity softball event during the offseason that raised money for the hospital. In addition, he participated in the NFL's #MyCleatsMyCause program during Week 13, supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Brown doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon, either. "I have to do more things like that, give back in a positive way to some beneficiary and make an impact in the community," he said after donating the check.

He's already one of the best receivers on the field. Now he's working towards becoming one of the most generous guys off of it.

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