The Financial Aftermath Of Ronda Rousey's Loss Is Going To Be Insane

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I guess in retrospect, it had to happen eventually. But I don't think anyone on the planet thought it could possibly happen this last Saturday in Australia… but it did. Much like when Buster Douglass shocked the world when he took down Mike Tyson in his prime, the seemingly-unbeatable Rowdy Ronda Rousey was indeed beaten by the Preacher's Daughter, Holly Holm.

The fallout from the fight is going to be VERY interesting to watch as it plays out in the days and weeks to come. A rematch is certainly going to be on the books as soon as Dana White can get the two to agree to a date. He'll have to wait until Rousey is able to recover from her injuries, of course, and it is probably safe to assume she is going to want time off and plenty of time to train for it as well.



After the way she was dominated by Holm and eventually knocked out she is going to need plenty of time to train if she is going to have a shot in the rematch. She has said she is going to be back, and Holm has already said she would be up for a rematch. So eventually it will happen.

At least during the rematch it might be worth betting on Rousey, because it certainly wasn't for Saturday's fight. A $100 bet on Rousey to win would have only netted $5. To win $500 off Rousey, you would have had to put $10,000 down.

Those that bet on Holm, however, won big. And her management team reportedly took big advantage of her underdog status. Holly's manager recently claimed that her team pooled their money together and put it all on their girl to win. The result? A six-figure payday thanks to second round knock out. How much they won or bet they didn't say, but a $100 bet on Holm would have won $600, so to win six figures they would have had to lay down a minimum of $16,667.

One person claimed to have won $240,00 after putting $20,000 on Holm, but this has not been fully verified yet.

As for Holly herself, the fighter reportedly was paid a base salary of $65,000 to show up. With her win bonus, fight of the night bonus and pay-per-view earnings, Holly is expected to earn around $330,000. If there is a re-match, Holly will almost certainly earn millions. Rousey earned $5 million in salary and bonuses from her last fight.

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Holly also earned $30,000 from Reebok for the fight (Rousey received $40,000).

Odds makers are already calling Rousey the favorite to win in the inevitable rematch, but the odds are certainly a lot closer than they were the first time around (+160 for Holm; -147 for Rousey). We will keep you posted, as more information becomes available!

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