Tyga Is Finally Paying Off Some Of His Debt!

By on November 5, 2016 in ArticlesMusic News

Pretty much every time we've talked about Tyga here on Celebrity Net Worth this year, it's had to do with some debt he owes, a car of his getting repossessed, or some legal situation he's involved in. Basically, the man is a walking, talking negative news story. But the 26-year-old rapper clearly is looking to change his ways with his latest move; he's actually paying off his debts this time around.

Tyga has been dealing with a lawsuit from jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills for the past few months now. According to the lawsuit filed by the jeweler back in August, he claims that the "Rack City" rapper refused to pay $200,000 he owed him for a watch and a chain he purchased back in 2013. As a result, Jason has been aggressively going after the rapper and his assets in order to get his money back, even getting the judge to issue a subpeona to Tyga's on again, off again girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The goal of the subpeona was to get Kylie to answer questions about the expensive gifts he's bought her (like the $200K+ Maybach he bought for her birthday back in August).

(Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

(Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Well, it appears that the potential of getting his girlfriend involved may have been the final straw in the case, because Jason's lawyer revealed in court on Tuesday that Tyga has already paid off half of the debt he owes him. The lawyer also revealed that the total debt will be paid off by November 17th. As a result, Tyga will be saving his girlfriend a lot of potential stress that a subpeona would likely cause.

And just to be clear, reports state that Tyga himself is paying the debt off, not the Kardashian family. Perhaps this means that he's finally turning over a new leaf.

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