Madonna's Former Stalker Awarded $455,000 By Judge

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We can all agree that stalking is creepy. More than that, it's actually a crime. Celebrities, unfortunately, have to deal with stalkers more often than most people. Usually, situations involving celebrities and stalkers end with a court case, restraining order, and sometimes jail time. But one celebrity stalker found himself in an enviable position after a judge ruled in his favor in a case against the NYPD.

Robert Linhart, an ex-firefighter, was a habitual stalker of pop star Madonna. He was arrested twice for stalking the "Material Girl" singer in 2010. The first arrest occurred when the former firefighter posted up outside of Madonna's New York apartment while holding up wooden boards that stated "Madonna, I need you!" and "Tell me yes or no. If it's yes, my dream will come true. If it's no, I will go. XXX." Linhart pulled a similar stunt shortly after, and he was sentenced to three years probation after being convicted of resisting arrest.

But the case didn't stop there. Linhart filed a $5 million lawsuit against the NYPD in 2011 for his first arrest, claiming that the four cops who arrested him used excessive force. According to him, the cops tried to break his signs. In response, Linhart said to the officers, "mother*****r, what do you think you're doing destroying my property. Get the f**k away." Linhart claimed that shortly after, the four cops "jump[ed] on [him] and beat the s**t out of [him]."

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Earlier this week, a three man, three woman jury awarded Linhart $455,000 for the ordeal.

"I'm finally vindicated"," said Linhart.

He stated that he is no longer lusting after Madonna.

"Let me just say my dreams turned into a nightmare. I know Madonna doesn't want to meet me and I don't want to meet her anymore," he said.

Linhart says that he wants to buy a car with the money.

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