Birdman Facing Lawsuit That Could Force Him To Lose His $14 Million Miami Mansion

By on December 21, 2017 in ArticlesMusic News

Bryan "Birdman" Williams is known for many things; but most notably, he's known for being one of the co-founders of Cash Money Records. The 48-year-old Louisiana native formed the label with his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams in 1991, and has amassed a personal net worth north of $100 million as a result. But despite having all of that money, Birdman is notorious for not paying people. Whether it be artists, producers, or managers, Birdman has been hit with countless lawsuits that claim he stiffed them out of money. So it isn't surprising to hear about the latest lawsuit involving Birdman and his multi-million dollar mansion in Miami.

Back in 2015, Birdman took out a $12 million loan from Baton Rouge based company called EMG Transfer Agent, and put up his Miami mansion as collateral. But despite Birdman's baller lifestyle, he reportedly fell behind on his payments and defaulted on the loan. As a result, Birdman is in risk of losing the mansion he bought back in 2012 for $14.5 million after a lawsuit was filed against the Cash Money boss.

Birdman has been trying to sell the mansion for the past several months now. He originally listed the 9 bedroom, 17 bathroom property for $20 million back in July, and has reportedly dropped the price to $16.9 million, but has yet to find a buyer. The home was previously owned by producer Scott Storch; twice. The Grammy nominated producer bought the house for $10.5 million in 2006, but the bank foreclosed on the home in 2009. Storch then bought the house back for $5.5 million in 2009, then sold it to Rockstar energy drink founder Russell Weiner for $6.75 million in 2010. Weiner then sold the property to Birdman for $14.5 million.

Rick Ross, who called out the Cash Money co-founder earlier this year on his album 'Idols Become Rivals' for not paying Lil Wayne and others, was quick to take some jabs at Birdman after hearing the news of the Louisiana native defaulting on his loan. Ross took to Snapchat and said the following in a video, "You ain't have no money in six-seven years, n***a. You should have came and borrowed some from Rozay. Now you want to f**k that old lady life up too. You probably borrowing some money from her … I might go buy that house on the water. Just to keep my boat at it. I won't even stay there, that s**t is too small."

If Birdman can't pay a $15 million loan, Lil Wayne probably shouldn't be expecting to see a $51 million check in the mail from him anytime soon.

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