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By on May 23, 2011 in Articles

Randy "Macho Man" Savage will be cremeated and his ashes spread around his favorite tree along with his beloved pooch, Hercules. According to Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, this was the wish of the well-known Macho Man, and he also did not want a public memorial, so it will be for family only.

Famous horror author Stephen King is thinking about a remake of the classic movie "Carrie", and he is contemplating casting Lindsay Lohan in the lead role. Lohan is very excited, and would jump at the change to play in the movie. It is no secret that Lindsay is a big fan of King's work.

Charlie Sheen has been presented with a sweet offer of a $3 million dollar contract for the website, which is a social network for rich men seeking needy women. Charlie Sheen to endorse the site for three years, and he would be crowned the president of the Sugar Daddy's for running advertising, sales, and promotions — in return for a 50% interest in the company.

Dr. Phil McGraw a well-known TV doctor sprung into action Saturday during a real life medical emergency. The incident took place at Phil's Bev Hills mansion when a family friend collapsed on the tennis court. The DR called 911 and relayed information about the man's condition to the dispatcher, the man was treated and released at a nearby hospital and he's doing fine.

Katy Perry thought she would take her husband to Japan and show him her favorite place. However the trip did not go as planned because Russell Brand was deported right out of the country. Perry explained via Twitter that the whole problem was over "priors from over 10 years ago!"

Mike Epps is helping to fight the L.A.'s sprawling garbage problem by taking part in a student film to help end the epidemic. "Hangover" star was walking through a LA mall parking lot when two students making the film asked his opinion about the trashy situation. The comedian responded by tossing a crumpled up piece of paper on the ground … and saying, "Sometimes you don't want sh*t in your car." But he was only joking and he picked up his trash — but Epps still insists, "The world is a ghetto."

Lindsay Lohan is doing a photo shoot for a local magazine; the actress arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL yesterday. This will be her last trip because on June 17 when she will receive her electronic monitoring bracelet.

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