YouTuber Casey Neistat Takes Viewers On Tour Of $21,000 First Class Flight From Dubai To New York

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The perks come hard and fast when you're a big-shot YouTube celebrity, but even Casey Neistat was surprised to find himself upgraded to a lavish first-class seat on a recent flight from Dubai to New York. And luckily for those of us in the public who will never pay $21,000 for a single airplane flight, he chronicled the entire experience for his YouTube channel.

The flight was via Emirates airlines, which is known across the world for its ridiculously luxurious flights for its highest-paying passengers. And Neistat wasn't disappointed by his look at what a flight that costs more than twenty grand is like. For one, there's the fully reclining seat, humorously given such attention by flight attendants that one can almost imagine it being annoying. There are motorized doors for privacy, a fully stocked minibar that's also motorized, free goodie bags, and a first class a la carte menu the likes of which you wouldn't even expect to encounter on solid ground, let alone in the air.

Included in the price of a ticket is 30 minutes inside the plane's lush bathroom. Why would you want to spend half an hour inside an airplane bathroom? Probably because this one is more akin to a spa than the cramped lavatories most airplane travelers do their best to avoid, with real orchids and a full range of toiletries. Of course, even if you're paying $21,000 for an airplane ticket, you still only get five minutes of water pressure, so maybe you should bring a book (or a webcam).

You can watch Nesitat's chronicle of his first class Emirates Dubai to New York flight below. And if you were on the fence about visiting the United Arab Emirates, maybe this could be the deciding factor.

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