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How much does YouTube make? If you're into videos, you're probably into YouTube, and you've probably asked, how much does YouTube make?

That question—namely, How much does YouTube make?—can refer to several things.

For instance, does it refer to the earnings potential of popular video makers who post their videos on YouTube? Or is the question referring to the actual earnings that YouTube, as a company, makes a year?

How much does YouTube make?
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Assuming that we're referring to the video makers, the numbers indicate that, on average, popular YouTube posters can make as much as $100,000+ a year. That's not bad, considering that the average Seattle software developer earns $90,000 a year for grueling, hard work. (That's not to say that making videos, and posting videos, on YouTube isn't hard work. Making quality videos can be extremely difficult work!)

Video posters on YouTube are paid according to this formula:

• Earnings Potential = (Number of subscribers x $0.05) + (Total number of channel views x $0.01)

Assuming that the number of YouTube subscribers is in the thousands, and assuming that the total number of channel views is in the thousands, the earnings potential for a would-be video maker is in the six figures!

Not bad, considering the state of the world economy. In fact, not bad at all, considering the state of the world!

Money isn't the only thing that YouTube gives its most popular people. Fame is another benefit. Consider the following people made famous by YouTube, or given the chance to become famous because of YouTube:

• Adam Bahner

• Amber Lee Ettinger

• Andy McKee

• Brooke Brodack

• Esmee Denters

• Jessica Rose

• Justin Bieber

• Kina Grannis

• Liam Kyle Sullivan

• Marie Digby

• Tom Dickson

As for YouTube's annual earnings, let's just say that they're not as high as Microsoft Corporations, but YouTube's annual earnings are getting close.

As of this year, 2010, YouTube's earnings are reaching the $1 billion mark. (YouTube is, at this time, the third-most-popular Website in the world. With video becoming more and more popular, YouTube's earnings are set to go beyond the $1 billion mark in these next few years.)

Now, the above answers the question—namely, How much does YouTube make?—in terms of the people made famous by or on YouTube and in terms of YouTube's annual earnings.

But how does this question—How much does YouTube make?—apply to you?

Consider what talents and gifts you have. If you're a poet, record yourself reciting your poetry and post the video on YouTube. If you're a rapper, record yourself rapping a song or record yourself in concert and post the video on YouTube. If you're a fashion designer, record models wearing your designs and post the video on YouTube. If you're a sculptor, record images of your sculptures, add an appropriate musical soundtrack, and post the video on YouTube.

And while you're posting videos, be sure to view the videos of others and to subscribe to their channels. You'll make wonderful friends, develop new business contacts, and perhaps become a key player in your field of endeavor.

Study books about marketing and learn how you can apply marketing principles to make your YouTube videos popular.

Who knows, you might be the next Kina Grannis or Justin Bieber!

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