The World's Most Expensive Potato Chips

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What's the most you've ever paid for a bag of chips? However much it was, and however much you might re

gret paying such an exorbitant price for such a trifling snack, you can at least take solace in the fact that you got a decent amount of junk food for your money. But a pack (you can't really call it a "bag") of St. Eriks Chips costs about $56, and since they only have five chips each, you're definitely not paying for quantity.

But as many wise people have said, if you're not paying for quantity, you're paying for quality, and the latter entity is present in full with St. Eriks Chips. The St. Eriks Brewery is promoting their entry into the chip game by promoting it as not just the most expensive potato chip in the world, but the "most exclusive" as well – each chip having been made by hand by Swedish National Culinary Team chefs using ingredients like matsutake and truffle seaweed. In other words, these are about as far from Pringles as you can get, particularly in the pricing department, since at $56 per five-chip pack, they come to more than $11 per chip.

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All that meticulous attention to detail in the making of St. Eriks Chips went towards making them the perfect pairing for St. Eriks India Pale Ale, but for the ultimate luxury power player move you should throw them on a ham and turkey sandwich, preferably made with the cheapest cold cuts and generic white bread you can find. But even if you don't feel like throwing away money on outrageously expensive potato chips just to prove you can, you still might want to consider giving St. Eriks Chips a shot, since "all income generated from the sale of these chips will be donated to charity." The tax implications alone are something to consider.

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