What Are The Highest Paying Jobs?

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What Are The Highest Paying Jobs? Is your New Years resolution to make more money in 2013? It's never too late to start thinking about making more money or changing careers. There are plenty of high paying jobs in the world, some of which don't require a four year degree. If you are looking for a new job before you make a long term commitment you may want to know what are the highest paying jobs and careers in the US. Turns out marrying a doctor or a lawyer was really good advice after all!

Surprisingly, even lawyers, long thought of as big money makers, are lower on the list than doctors. This list covers the median hourly/annual wages, which means this is an average of wages across the country. There are no doubt persons in every profession listed below that make more or less than the median list shown.  However, the list gives you a reasonable idea of salaries for these industries. Some of the top paying careers includes Anesthesiologists, Internists, Pharmacists, Dentists, Judges, Chief Executives, Computer and Information System Managers, Marketing Managers, Air Traffic Controllers and Natural Science Managers. But what are the highest paying jobs in the US? Keep reading to find out…

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Top 25 Highest-Paying Occupations by Median Hourly Wages

Occupation  |   Hourly Annual  |  Median Wages

  • Anesthesiologists:           $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Internists, General:          $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists:       $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons:       $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Orthodontists:            $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Physicians and Surgeons, All Other:    $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Prosthodontists:           $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Surgeons:             $80.00+   $166,400+
  • Chief Executives:            $76.23     $158,600
  • Family and General Practitioners:      $75.60     $157,200
  • Psychiatrists:           $74.13     $154,200
  • Pediatricians, General:           $70.21     $146,000
  • Dentists, General:            $68.69     $142,900
  • Dentists, All Other Specialists:       $66.33     $138,000
  • Engineering Managers:             $55.42     $115,300
  • Podiatrists:               $54.60     $113,600
  • Natural Sciences Managers:           $54.23     $112,800
  • Information Systems Managers:      $53.95     $112,200
  • Air Traffic Controllers:           $53.78     $111,900
  • Airline Pilots and Flight Engineers:    N/A       $111,700
  • Lawyers:              $53.17     $110,600
  • Judges and Magistrates:      $52.99     $110,200
  • Marketing Managers:            $52.20     $108,600
  • Petroleum Engineers:           $51.93     $108,000
  • Pharmacists:             $51.16     $106,400

The lowest paying jobs not surpringly include positions in restaurants, hotels and leisure businesses industries. People who prepare, cook and serve food in fast-food restaurants, busboys, dishwashers, and restaurant hosts or hostesses are often the lowest paid workers. If you think you need to invest time and money for well-paying careers like the industries in our list, there are alternatives available. The fastest growing careers you can get started in without a four-year degree are Physician's assistant, Database administrator, Video game designer, Medical equipment repair, Media planner/buyer, X-ray/Imaging technician, Plumber, and Graphic/Web designer.

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