This $50 Million Estate Is Now Miami's Most Expensive Single Family Home

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Real estate records seem especially made to be broken lately, and Miami has had more than its share of activity in that area. Now, an Indian Creek Island estate has broken the city's record for the most expensive single family home after being sold for a grand total of $50 million.

Interestingly enough, it's not actually the first time that the home on 3 Indian Creek Island Road has broken that record. CNBC reports that back in 2012 it was sold in a totally private transaction that was never publicly listed for some $47 million, a sum which also made it the most expensive single family home in Miami, so the more recent sale is really just a case of running up the score, as far as the real estate record books are concerned.

The house might be considered the most expensive in the city, period, with no qualifiers necessary, had hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin not recently dropped $60 million on two apartments (the top story penthouse and one additional unit directly below it) in Miami's ultra-ritzy Faena House in 2016. Additionally, Griffin never got around to actually combining the two units into one, and now they are both reportedly for sale.

If you're curious about what the most expensive single family home in Miami looks like, you can satisfy it by taking a look at the real estate video for the property below.

Both the home's buyer and seller are anonymous, but whoever the former might be, they are getting a pretty impressive space for their money. It overlooks Biscayne Bay with ten bedrooms and 14 bathrooms spread across 20,000 square feet, with amenities that include a rooftop lawn, a spa designed for "chromotherapy," a home theater equipped to show films in 3D, two separate kitchens, and, on the outside, a swimming pool that measures in at 100 feet.

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