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If you're interested in treating diseases, disorders or injuries using a method other than drugs and surgery, perhaps then you're convinced to be a therapist. So you may ask how much does a therapist make? Depending on a certain therapist performance and accredited completion of training a therapist can earn between $30 to $80 per hour. Since it is a very demanding work, usually therapist limits their work into 20 hours per week. Usually if they have their own facilities and other stuffs for working, the hour of their charge increases.

Therapist Salary
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According to Salary chart, the median annual salary a therapist earn varies on the kind of specialization and job definition he is skilled at. A physical therapist can have an earning starting from the Salary range of $61,472, while a Physical therapy manager can earn $79,612, a Clinical doctor in Physical therapy can achieved $72,007 and a Physical therapy director can earn $78,871 every year.

In terms of specialization here are some gained data regarding on different areas of expertise as a Therapist.

Physiotherapist – is what we call to an expert therapist who treats injuries and physical disabilities under the supervision of a specialist in physical medicine. They are equivalent to what US and British called Physical therapist. According to studies as a start, Physiotherapists can make a good start of $50,000 that can run up to $70,000 every year. Depending on the location and facility usually they earn an average figures ranging from $35 to $65 per hour.

Sport Therapist- treat not only 'injured athletes" but also deals with any muscular complaints. Recent research states that a self-employed therapist in expert in the said field can have a rough estimation of 25 lire per hour minimum and can have a starting salary rising up to 18,000 lire up to 40,000 lire a year.

Sports Massage therapist – is expert in various massage techniques to promote healing, correct muscle imbalance and break down scar tissues. Based on a survey, a sports massage therapist can have a minimum of $60 and have a maximum of $100 per hour. Still it depends on who and where they working on them.

Osteopath- An Osteopath is someone who is trained to treat injuries to bones and muscles using pressure and movement.

Podiatrist- is a therapist specialized in care of the lower limb and foot. The median earnings of podiatrists has a rough estimation of $95K (minimum) and runs up to $114K (maximum) a year.

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