The Ten Most Expensive Watches Sold By Christie's In 2018

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Auction house Christie's had a good year in 2018, and celebrated 25 years as the leading house for sale of jewelry. That, of course, includes watches, and as another year-end roundup here we have the ten most expensive watches sold by the auction house over the course of the year.

10. Signed Richard Mille Perini Navi Cup Model: $566,014

Described by Christie's as "an extremely rare and fine platinum and baguette-cut diamond-set tourbillon wristwatch with torque indicator and power reserve," this watch ended up selling for a price right in the middle of its pre-sale price estimate range.

9. Unique Patek Philippe Chronograph: $614,766

This wristwatch, set in diamonds and 18k white gold, has a degradé black dial.

8. Patek Philippe 18k Gold Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch: $668,862

An indicator for the phases of the moon as well as a tachymeter are among this watch's special features.

7. 1930 18k Patek Philippe Wristwatch: $708,500

A cushion shaped watch in 18k gold from way back in 1930 and sports almost 1100 diamonds.

6. 1969 Rolex Oyster Cosmograph, "Paul Newman" Model: $732,500

This watch from the 1969 heyday of legendary movie star Paul Newman, and was named after the actor, one contributing factor to its $732,500 auction price.

5. Platinum Patek Philippe: $753,277

Described by Christie's as "exceptionally fine and important," this high tech 2011 joint is stacked with myriad features, including day/night display, moon phases, and a leap year indicator.

4. 1944 Gold Patek Philippe: $912,500

This vintage gold watch from the very well represented Patek Philippe also represents a big jump in price, nearly to the seven figure margin.

3. 1956 Rolex Oyster Perpetual: $1,068,500

Our first million dollar watch is this 1956 beaut, featuring automatic time and a gilt "explorer dial."

2. 1952 18k Rolex Oyster Perpetual Automatic Triple Calendar Wristwatch: $1,572,500

This "extremely fine, rare and attractive" 18k gold Rolex from 1952 sports a "Star Dial" as well as moon phases.

1. 1952 Patek Philippe 18k Gold Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Wristwatch: $3,234,905

By far the most expensive watch sold by Christie's in 2018, this signed perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch was first retailed by Serpico y Laino in Caracas, Venezuela.

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