The 10 Most Expensive Classic Cars At Auction In 2018

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In the classic car world, 2018 was a pretty busy year. There have been a few record sales, and American cars made inroads in a field dominated by European cars with two slots on the top ten most expensive classic car auction sales of the year. Here's a brief rundown on those ten sales.

1932 Alfa Romeo Tipo B Grand Prix Monoposto: $5.8 Million

The oldest car on this list, this prewar 1932 Alfa Romeo single seater is among the most prestigious cars the brand ever built.

1985 Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar: $5.95 Million

Contrariwise, this Porsche is the vehicle of the most recent vintage to make the top ten, but experts say that more and more younger automobiles will make lists like these as we go further into the future.

1958 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France: $6.6 Million


Still, most of the cars on this list are from the golden age of automobiles, like between the years 1956 and 1959, when this model won the race it was named after four years in a row (the one pictured above is a 1959 model).

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Speciale: $8.1 Million

This car is a subtly different demonstration model than the Ferrari that eventually went into production, used mostly in auto shows.

1966 Ford GT40 Mk II: $9.8 Million


The less expensive of the two American cars on the list, this Ford GT40 Mk II joined its fellow Le Mans '66 alums in 2016 at the Pebble Beach Concours d' Élégance.

1961 Aston Martin MP209 DB4GT Zagato "2 VEV": $13.3 Million

A one-shot Aston Martin race car from the brand's 60s superspy heyday, this car briefly held the record for most expensive Aston Martin at auction until another car on the list beat it out.

1963 Aston Martin DP215 Grand Touring Competition Prototype: $21.5 Million

This, as you probably already figured out, is the car that beat the previous one's record for most expensive Aston Martin.

1935 Duesenberg SSJ: $22 Million

The other American car on this list has a particularly famous first owner: Hollywood star Gary Cooper.

1956 Ferrari 290 MM: $22.005 Million

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Just edging out the previous car by a measly five grand is this former Scuderia Ferrari team car driven by such racing luminaries as Phil Hill, Olivier Gendebien and Peter Collins.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO: $48.4 Million 

JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images

The most expensive classic car of the year is this stone classic, one of just 33 of its kind ever made.

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