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How much does a tattoo artist make? Tattoo artists (aka tattooer or tattooist) earn an average to good salary salary for their artistic endeavors. Tattoo artists make their living creating designs on people's skin with needles and ink. Many tattoo artists are artistic, drawing or creating their own tattoo designs. Tattoo artists generally work in a tattoo shop, tattoo studio or tattoo parlor.

Tattoo Artist Salary
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The tattoo artist pricks skin of patron with a needled electric tool, inserting indelible nontoxic pigment into the client skin in order to create a decorative design on the skin. Tattoo artists may create original designs on paper, trace their designs onto an acetate sheet, then cut out a design using stylus and knife to form a stencil or pattern. The tattoo artist must shaves certain areas to perform the tattoo work, and washes the area using germicidal soap. Tattoo artists presses a charcoal-coated stencil to outline the design, they trace the design on the skin or draw the design directly on the patron, in order to mark the outline of design to ink. The artist mixes nontoxic colored pigments iin a set formula to achieve the colors needed for the tattoo design. The tattoo artist dips needles of the electric tool into pigment colors then presses the needle into the skin to permanently apply the indelible pigment into skin while following the outline of the tattoo design. Once the tattoo is completed the artist applies a sterile dressing to area to protect the new tattoo. Needles are sterilized in steam-heated cabinet or thrown out after one use. The tattoo artist ajusts and repairs their needled electric tool as part of their job, using screwdrivers and pliers to fix their equipment as needed.

Tattoo shops should follow health regulations to make tattoos safe to obtain. Tattoo artists sterilize their hands between each client job. The tattoo artist should use disposable gloves and needles for each tattoo job they perform. Tattoo studios generally are equipped with sharps containers for old needles, biohazard containers for objects having come into contact with blood or bodily fluids, and an autoclave for sterilizing tools. Certain jurisdictions require by lawtattoo studios have a sink in the work area with both hot and cold running water. Although some tattoo studios perform piercings, the majority focus on tattoos.

Specific requirements to become a tattooist may vary between jurisdictions, with a number mandating only formal training in cross contamination and bloodborne pathogens. The local department of health typically regulates tattoo studios in their jurisdictions. >>Tattoo artists in some states, such as Oregon and Hawaii, must pass a test regarding their knowledge of health and safety precautions, and knowledge of current state regulations.

Tattoo artists typically learn their craft through an apprenticeship under an experienced and trained tattoo mentor. A person must have a passion for art and drawing and be able to draw. Next the person must gain an apprenticeship from a mentor already skilled in the art of tattooing. Most tattoo shop owners provide a 1099 form instead of a W-2 to workers. Tattoo artists typically do not have taxes taken from their paychecks, making them a contract worker who must file their own taxes.

How much does a tattoo artist make per hour?

The median hourly wage for tattoo artists custom work according to was $50 to $300 an hour. Hourly rates generally depend on how many years of experience the tattoo artist has acquired.

How much does a tattoo artist make per year?

The median yearly salary for tattoo artists according to was $23,734 to $85,611. shows the median salary for tatto artists was $32,000. shows the median yearly salary for tattoo artists was $25,301. Annual salary for tattoo artists typically depend on how many years of experience the tattoo artist has acquired.

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