Take A Look At Embraer's New $21 Million Luxury Private Jet

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Two new private jets were recently unveiled to the world in Orlando, Florida courtesy of Brazilian company Embraer. They're the Praetor 500 and Praetor 600, two sequels to the company's earlier mid-size private jets the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500. Here's how Michael Amalfitano, president and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets described the two planes in a press statement:

"The Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 are the disruptive aircraft for the entrepreneur, for the pioneer, for the innovator."

The smaller Praetor 500 will set entrepreneurs, pioneers, and innovators back at least $16,995,000, but for our purposes let's focus in on the Praetor 600 (pictured above), which carries an even larger base price of $20,995,000.

For that amount of money, you get an expanded range compared to the Praetor 600's Legacy 500 ancestor: 4,500 miles, according to Embraer. But you also get to travel in state of the art comfort and luxury, with one custom designed cabin, a $750,000 option known as "Bossa Nova." This cabin is said by Embraer's design chief Jay Beever to be inspired by the beaches in the company's home country of Brazil, with seat patterns nicked from the distinctive stone walkways on Rio de Janeiro's Ipanema beach, and carpets made of wool and silk that Beever says are "an abstract interpretation of the glowing light reflecting off the ripples in the ocean on a perfectly calm day."

For meals and snacks, the 600's eight to twelve passengers have access to retractable carbon fiber tables. But perhaps the best way to get a sense of what it would be like to travel on these jets from a few pictures of the cabin from Embraer.

The name "Praetor" refers to an official title bestowed upon high level government officials back in the days of ancient Rome. According to Beever, this name was chosen as a way to convey the idea of these planes as the "ultimate servant" of their owners.

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