What Would You Do If You Found $1M Worth Of Sports Card Packs In Your Aunt's Attic?

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Talk about an unsurprising find! A Tennessee man recently found multiple packs of untouched baseball, football and basketball cards in his 90-year-old aunt's attic. The man's late uncle had kept the unopened packs in a Stroh's beer box for more than half a century.

Upon the cards' discovery, the man gave Brian Drent, the president of the Mile High Card Company, a call. "Hello, I have some unopened full boxes and almost full boxes from the 1950s and 1960s that I am considering for your auction," the caller said.

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The icing on the cake? Nineteen unopened wax packs from the 24-pack 1948 Bowman baseball set, which includes a number of rookies and Hall of Famers like Yogi Berra. (Though incomplete, this collection will likely go for more than $500,000 alone.)

"It's in the state of absolute perfection and the unknown," Drent told Forbes. "And the complete rarity of the packs. Why didn't they ever get opened? How is that possible after 70, make that 69, years?"

The collection could likely top more than $1 million in an auction by Mile High Card Company, which is running to June 15.

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