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How much does a psychologist make? A person who is a psychologist can be someone who researches or professionals who apply their knowledge on psychology to people. They can be a teacher teaching psychology in a school, in a government position or can be a professional applying the techniques to people with problems or issues with life, business or mental health.

How much does a psychologist make?

There are 56 different kinds of psychologists, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). A psychologist who has earned a doctoral degree can be a full member of the American Psychological Association. In the United States for someone to be able to use the title "Psychologist" they must be licensed to be able to practice psychology.

Clinical and counseling psychologists are the most common in the United States. Clinical psychologists treat people with mental disorders. They cannot handle the stress of daily lives. Clinical psychologists have a doctorate degree or master's degree. They work in the hospitals, clinics and counseling centers. In the year 2009, clinical psychologists' salary range from $38,000 to $62,000. This is for the starting salaries. But, if you 5 years experience already in that field of work, the salary ranges from $54,000 to $78,000 per year.

Counseling psychologists are the therapists. They treat their clients by helping them with decision making, adjusting to life and coping with people. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 edition, counsellors' salaries vary depending on their specialty. For school and career counselors, they earn $38,740 to $65,360 annually. For substance abuse counselors, they earn annually $29,410 to $47,290. The mental health counselors, get a salary of $35,580 to $48,580 yearly. The marriage and family counselors, earn from $34,840 to $56,320 annually. Across the United States, the annual median salary for the Licensed Professional Counselors for mental health is $39,450. A Licensed Professional Counselor for chemical dependency is $40,540. For rehabilitation counselor is $36,547 and for clinical therapist is $40,259, both are for licensed professional counselors. The annual median salary per city for the year 2010 is for Chicago $39,526, Atlanta $35,345, Dallas $41,067, Los Angeles $40,229, St. Louis $33,930, New York $47,826 and for Houston $46,651.

A forensic psychologist is educated in psychology and the law. They often appear in court. The forensic psychologist is tasked to answer the court whether the defendant can stand on trial. The mental competency of the victims and the criminals is what they need to prove to court. They usually specialize in civil, family and criminal court. The forensic psychologists need a doctorate degree and a license issued by the state. The starting salary of a forensic psychologist as of April 2010 is $20,226 to $49,500 annually. If they work in the federal government, they can earn from $40,406 to $65,480 per year. Working in a local government, will give them an annual salary of $44,717 to $75,229. If they are on private practice, they can make $46,082 to $105,914 a year. Working in a company will give them $45,781 to $76,271 and if they work in a hospital they will receive $44,219 to $77029 a year. For the non profit organizations, they will earn $30,000 to $60,565.

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