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How much does a pharmacy tech make? There are numerous career options and one of the relatively stress free careers is becoming a pharmacy technician, but if you are still wondering about how much does a pharmacy tech makes, here are some facts. The pharmacy technician's salary depends upon his or her qualifications and experience. Some pharmacy technicians learn by on the job training and are paid less. Many pharmacies prefer pharmacy technicians who have completed certification to be a technician.

How much does a pharmacy tech make?
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However, as per the 2008 data of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of pharmacy technicians is nearly $28,000 or $13.7 on an hourly wage basis. The middle level of 50% pharmacy techs earned nearly $10.95 to $15.80 per hour while the lowest strata earned about $9.25 per hour and the top 10% took home more than $18.98 per hour. Though the initial starting salary as per the American Medical Association tends to be around $19,000 to $20,000, you can expect a steady rise in the take home pay with experience or enhanced education. With a 10 years experience, you can expect to take home nearly $40,000 while the technicians that are certified have slightly better pay scales. If you are looking to see the industries that hire pharmacy technicians and the related hourly rates, check out these figures:

Industry And Hourly Wages

Retail $9.15 – $12.59

Pharmaceuticals $10.11 – $14.17

Hospitals $9.58 – $13.45

Pharmacy Chains $9.21 – $12.70

Retail Grocery $9.02 – $12.35

If you need to see how your years of pharmacy experience will help increase your pay, here is the simple calculation:

Experience And Hourly Wages

Less than 1 year $8.30 – $10.98

1-4 years $8.89 – $11.91

5-9 years $10.34 – $14.55

10-19 years $11.73- $16.27

20 years and more $12.43 – $17.95

Experience And Annual Salary

Less than 1 year $20,836 – $38,712

1-4 years $22,090- $35,515

5-9 years $23,816 – $36,120

10-19 years $27,636 – $39,986

20 years and more $25,744 – $46,658

Considering the available statistics for 2010 which has $23,700 as the mean pay while pharmacists took home nearly $107,000 annually. The American Medical Association enumerates the average starting pay as $26,000 and more experienced pharmaceutical techs get nearly $38,000. Qualification and experience are the basic factors for higher pay scales. If you intend looking at the educational aspects and the effect of academic certification on the earnings, take a brief glance through this:

Degrees And Hourly wages

Pharmacy technician certificate $9.73-$14.25

Certified Pharmacy technician $10.02- $15.25

High School Diploma $8.9- $12.34

Associate of Science (AS) $8.83- $11.25

Bachelor of Science $8.62- $11.97

Additionally, the salary of a pharmacy technician is based upon the size of the pharmaceutical company that hires them. Pharmacies that are within hospitals or affiliated with big clinics tend to pay better than single owner drug stores and single owner local pharmacies. The state that you work in matters. Pharmacy techs working in California get paid nearly $35,450, in Hawaii it is $33,150 while Washington pays the techs about $34,700. Hopefully, these figures and information will provide you with an insight into the earnings of a pharmacy tech and make you better aware about the related career options.

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